Maria Z Photography: Blog en-us (C) Maria Z Photography (Maria Z Photography) Mon, 18 Jul 2022 18:39:00 GMT Mon, 18 Jul 2022 18:39:00 GMT Maria Z Photography: Blog 80 120 Photography Update Thank you for stopping by. A big thanks to all my clients from the past couple years who allowed me to capture these moments for them. I will be taking a break from photography for a couple months starting in August till the rest of the year. Lord willing Travis and I will be welcoming a baby into our family this September. We very excited and looking forward to becoming parents. I will be available to take pictures starting in January 2023. Thank you for understanding. I will see ya'll in the near future. -Maria-



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Clelia Faith This little dear was so much to take pictures of. Her momma even gave her a bath before the photo shoot to help her relax. And she did just that. She slept the whole time and didn't even know I was taking her pictures.


IMG_9810IMG_9810 IMG_9820IMG_9820 IMG_9733IMG_9733 IMG_9834IMG_9834 IMG_9755IMG_9755

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Matthew & Marybeth Wedding I was honored to be part of Matthew and Marybeth's wedding in Snover Michigan in November. Since this was my first wedding I was asked to do, my friend Dianna Brubacker agreed to be the head photographer. She did a fantastic job of pulling everything together. Thanks Dianna. 

We were able to take a few pictures out at the beach after the reception. In spite of the bitter cold and a slight drizzle they all were real troopers. Enjoy a few of these wedding pictures from beautiful Michigan. 

Congratulations Matthew & Marybeth


IMG_8626IMG_8626 IMG_8622IMG_8622 IMG_8600IMG_8600 IMG_8582IMG_8582 IMG_8596IMG_8596 IMG_8613IMG_8613 IMG_8579IMG_8579 IMG_8555IMG_8555 IMG_8571IMG_8571 IMG_8573IMG_8573 IMG_8550IMG_8550 IMG_8432IMG_8432 IMG_8428IMG_8428 IMG_8425IMG_8425 IMG_8424IMG_8424 IMG_8423IMG_8423 IMG_8421IMG_8421 IMG_8418IMG_8418 IMG_8416IMG_8416 IMG_8415IMG_8415 IMG_8412IMG_8412 IMG_8410IMG_8410 IMG_8406IMG_8406 IMG_8405IMG_8405

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Aubrey High " She leaves a little sparkle where ever she goes"  I was so excited to do Aubrey's 2 yr. photos. She posed exactly how her mama asked her to and gave such a contagious smile. Enjoy these photos of this sweet little girl.


IMG_7930IMG_7930 IMG_7842IMG_7842 IMG_7848IMG_7848 IMG_7884IMG_7884 IMG_7934IMG_7934 IMG_7954IMG_7954 IMG_8002IMG_8002 IMG_8033IMG_8033 IMG_8043IMG_8043 IMG_8057IMG_8057 IMG_8126IMG_8126 IMG_8153IMG_8153 IMG_8160IMG_8160  

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Linford & Charity Weaver family IMG_6296IMG_6296 IMG_6337IMG_6337 IMG_6351IMG_6351 IMG_6388IMG_6388 IMG_6415IMG_6415 IMG_6500IMG_6500

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Garth & Melissa Summer 2021 What a beautiful golden evening we had for this couples summer photos. We took the photos at Overlook Park in Lancaster. Such a lovely location.

IMG_4922IMG_4922 IMG_4996IMG_4996 IMG_5016IMG_5016 IMG_5040IMG_5040 IMG_5141IMG_5141 IMG_5262IMG_5262 IMG_5281-2IMG_5281-2 IMG_5304IMG_5304

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Family Sessions Christmas seems like a far way off doesn't it? But before you know it, it will be upon us. Now is your time to book your family session before my calendar gets filled up. 


IMG_7198IMG_7198 IMG_7710IMG_7710 IMG_7986-2IMG_7986-2

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Taylor Weaver "Frogs and Snails and puppy dog tails. Thats what little boys are made of." Taylor and his brothers did a good job for their photos. It was a very dreary rainy day so we had to take a few inside until the rain stopped.



IMG_3012IMG_3012 IMG_2963IMG_2963 IMG_3000IMG_3000 IMG_3087-2IMG_3087-2 IMG_3218IMG_3218 IMG_3204IMG_3204 IMG_3187IMG_3187 IMG_3236IMG_3236 IMG_3258IMG_3258 IMG_3241IMG_3241 IMG_3138IMG_3138


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Chloe. Landon. Mason I had a fun evening with these 3 cuties. I am proud to call them my niece and nephews. All 3 of them did such a good job at posing and smiling at the camera. (they may have been bribed with candy:) 


IMG_3958IMG_3958 IMG_3989IMG_3989 IMG_3970IMG_3970 IMG_4082IMG_4082 IMG_4118IMG_4118 IMG_4129IMG_4129 IMG_4139IMG_4139 IMG_4147IMG_4147 IMG_4164IMG_4164 IMG_4168IMG_4168 IMG_4188IMG_4188 IMG_4204IMG_4204 IMG_4235IMG_4235 IMG_4265IMG_4265 IMG_4260IMG_4260 IMG_4292IMG_4292 IMG_4301IMG_4301 IMG_4329IMG_4329 IMG_4353IMG_4353 IMG_4361IMG_4361 IMG_4371IMG_4371

d IMG_4377IMG_4377 IMG_4449IMG_4449 IMG_4385IMG_4385 IMG_4510IMG_4510 IMG_4536IMG_4536 IMG_4522IMG_4522

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Zayden Martin Zayden was quite the happy little trooper for his one year photo shoot. He did such a wonderful job. Happy Birthday Buddy!


IMG_3487IMG_3487 IMG_3485IMG_3485 IMG_3395IMG_3395 IMG_3590IMG_3590 IMG_3730IMG_3730 IMG_3785IMG_3785 IMG_3811IMG_3811 IMG_3859IMG_3859 IMG_3872IMG_3872 IMG_3925IMG_3925 IMG_3917IMG_3917 IMG_3922IMG_3922 IMG_3929IMG_3929

Flash back to one year ago.


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Krista Zimmerman We had a lovely, warm, spring evening for Krista's pictures. The sun cast a golden hue all evening as we strode around Longs Park, near Lancaster City. Krista, thank you for allowing me to capture these moments for you. I'll be praying for you as you serve the Lord in Kentucky.

"For many are called, but few are chosen"

IMG_1731IMG_1731 IMG_1743IMG_1743 IMG_1750IMG_1750 IMG_1801IMG_1801 IMG_1780IMG_1780 IMG_1820IMG_1820 IMG_1835IMG_1835 IMG_1922IMG_1922 IMG_1899IMG_1899

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Craig Bange " Give a horse what he needs and he will give you his heart in return" Craig and his horse did a wonderful job for this photo shoot. Along with his other pets. Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments for you.


IMG_8824-2IMG_8824-2 IMG_8831-2IMG_8831-2 IMG_8878-2IMG_8878-2 IMG_8908-2IMG_8908-2 IMG_8889-2IMG_8889-2 IMG_8882-2IMG_8882-2 IMG_8954-2IMG_8954-2

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Garth & Melissa 2020 " Its not how much we give but how much Love we put into giving" We had a beautiful crisp November day for this couples Christmas photos. Their colors went so well together, especially with the green Christmas trees.


IMG_8577 copyIMG_8577 copy IMG_8598IMG_8598 IMG_8522IMG_8522 IMG_8609IMG_8609 IMG_8618IMG_8618 IMG_8664IMG_8664 IMG_8743IMG_8743

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The Martin Family IMG_7614IMG_7614 IMG_7710IMG_7710 IMG_7752IMG_7752 IMG_7655IMG_7655 IMG_7684IMG_7684 IMG_7809IMG_7809

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The Nolt Family " Family, where life begins and love never ends" Thank you Daryl and Earlene for allowing me to take capture these moments for you.


IMG_7890IMG_7890 IMG_7895IMG_7895 IMG_7915IMG_7915 IMG_7941IMG_7941 IMG_7972IMG_7972 IMG_7986-2IMG_7986-2

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Heidi Martin We had a beautiful evening for this lovely fall photo shoot. Heidi picked a nice location for her photos. Thank you Heidi for allowing me to capture these moments for you.


IMG_7241IMG_7241 IMG_7259IMG_7259 IMG_7250IMG_7250 IMG_7281IMG_7281 IMG_7317IMG_7317 IMG_7359IMG_7359 IMG_7378IMG_7378


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Zayden Tyler Martin " So Tiny, So Small, So Loved by all" This little man did wonderful for his photo shoot. He struck up his own poses and surprised us with a few grins. 


IMG_6809IMG_6809 IMG_6824IMG_6824 IMG_6870IMG_6870 IMG_6642IMG_6642 IMG_6722IMG_6722 IMG_6672IMG_6672 IMG_6648IMG_6648 IMG_6647IMG_6647 IMG_6730IMG_6730 IMG_6774IMG_6774

Image 7-31-20 at 4.00 PMImage 7-31-20 at 4.00 PM Image 7-29-20 at 8.10 PMImage 7-29-20 at 8.10 PM

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Garth & Melissa We had a beautiful day for this photo session at Longwood Gardens. It is one of my favorite locations for a summertime photo shoot. Congrats, Garth & Melissa on your first date, I had an enjoyable time photographing these pictures for you! May God Bless you both.

Also a little side note. I am now photographing Couples. Whether its your first date or your first date anniversary, or you're engaged. I would love to photograph these special times for you. 


IMG_6300-2IMG_6300-2 IMG_6266-2IMG_6266-2 IMG_6273-2IMG_6273-2 IMG_6280-2IMG_6280-2 IMG_6288-2IMG_6288-2 IMG_6317-2IMG_6317-2 IMG_6320-2IMG_6320-2 IMG_6325-2IMG_6325-2 IMG_6335-2IMG_6335-2 IMG_6343-2IMG_6343-2 IMG_6367-2IMG_6367-2 IMG_6388-2IMG_6388-2 IMG_6404-2IMG_6404-2 IMG_6408-2IMG_6408-2 IMG_6419-2IMG_6419-2 IMG_6423-2IMG_6423-2 IMG_6252-2IMG_6252-2 IMG_6236-2IMG_6236-2 IMG_6229-2IMG_6229-2

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Emerson David Zook " The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts"

Emerson was such an adorable little chap. He took my breath away the first time I saw him snuggled in his carseat. I wasn't expecting him to be so tiny. Emerson did so good while my assistant moved him around. Enjoy the pictures of this precious little one.

IMG_4822-2IMG_4822-2 IMG_2286-2IMG_2286-2 IMG_2277IMG_2277 IMG_2270IMG_2270 IMG_2298IMG_2298 IMG_2210IMG_2210

IMG_4827IMG_4827 IMG_4826IMG_4826 IMG_4939IMG_4939 IMG_4946IMG_4946 IMG_4949IMG_4949 IMG_4955-2IMG_4955-2

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Melissa Horst Spring is the most beautiful time of the year! I love the warmer days, longer evenings, beautiful pink trees and lush green grass. This is getting me so excited for summer. I met Melissa at her house and we had a fun 15 - 20 min. snapping a few pictures in front of this beautiful tree in her front yard. I loved her creativity of different poses. IMG_4644IMG_4644 IMG_4645IMG_4645 IMG_4661IMG_4661 IMG_4666IMG_4666 IMG_4674IMG_4674 IMG_4695IMG_4695 IMG_4698IMG_4698 IMG_4703IMG_4703 IMG_4708IMG_4708 IMG_4715IMG_4715  Thank you Melissa for reaching out to me to take pictures of you... XOXO Maria


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Kitchen Photo Shoot IMG_0169IMG_0169 IMG_0176IMG_0176 IMG_0211IMG_0211 IMG_0201IMG_0201 IMG_0187IMG_0187 IMG_0213IMG_0213 IMG_0218IMG_0218 IMG_0219IMG_0219 IMG_0249IMG_0249 IMG_0231IMG_0231 IMG_0222IMG_0222 Today I got the privilege of taking pictures of a brand new kitchen, something a little bit out of the normal.. A great BIG shout out Martins Cabinetry for the wonderful craftsmanship. Also a shout out to Martins Flooring for the job yous did with the floors and the tile back splash you provided. Everything together looked beautiful. 

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Jay & Lonita Seibel Family This family did wonderful, despite the cold and windy day. They chose a lovely little church in Reinholds along with the state game lands nearby. Thank you Jay and Lonita for allowing me the opportunity to take pictures of your family. Blessings, -Maria-

IMG_7147IMG_7147 IMG_7198IMG_7198 IMG_7180IMG_7180 IMG_7230IMG_7230 IMG_0154IMG_0154 IMG_7217IMG_7217 IMG_7261IMG_7261 IMG_7255IMG_7255 IMG_7246IMG_7246

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